About us


In 2017, I was a new mum who had a very big idea from my very small home.

My apartment of 13 years had been perfectly suited to life as a singleton and then later a newlywed, but I hadn’t anticipated it would also become our first home as a family of three, when our gorgeous daughter Rose arrived a little earlier than we’d planned!

My background in French provincial homewares and high-end retail had allowed me to fill our very tiny home with all the interior trappings most new parents would shudder at the sight of. I had been told countless times it would look considerably different post-bub, and I would simply have to embrace the chaos.I was determined though that our home would still maintain a level of sophistication, despite the newly-acquired wooden toys, stacks of picture books and all manner of “little person” paraphernalia that now filled it.

 I knew there was a way to combine my love of interiors with my new life as a mum.

Thus, a children’s lifestyle brand was born that has one guiding principle:

Petite Maison identifies with parents who want to provide imaginative and stimulating play, pieces that will fit into smaller spaces, pack away easily, and will become a treasured and personalised part of each child’s toy collection for years to come.

At Petite Maison we are championing an heirloom approach to toys with our signature table cubby houses – something that is beautiful, will last well beyond childhood, and will be ready for the next little person to play with when the new generation comes along.

We have sourced the best quality, breathable fabrics for all our cubbies.

~ Kate Robinson, Founder

What We Value:

Although practicality and beautiful aesthetics are at the core of Petite Maison,I truly believe that it takes a village to help raise our little people, and know that being part of our broader community and nurturing those less fortunate is of paramount importance. I have created heirloom pieces that inspire families in smaller spaces to provide imaginative play for their children but I also want to make sure we can contribute our pieces to those in need. Petite Maison Play wants to be part of many homes – fortunate and less fortunate.

– Kate Robinson